Shandong Weichuan Metal Prodducts Co., Ltd.

Weichuan was invited to participate in the construction of dome structure

Project location:Vietnam


ERW Steel Pipe

Rectangular Pipe



35 items sizes in total

Application:Dome Structure

(Inquiry time):2022.03.09

(Order time):2022.03.21

(Departure time):2022.06.15

(Arrival time):2022.06.30

The order came from Vietnam. The customer is a local steel trader who met in year 2018, we contacted each other by telephone at first, then had a formal visit to them during our marketing department visit in Vietnam. After sincere communication and negotiation, two sides reached the cooperation for the first time, now we have 4 years’ cooperation between us.


The products previously cooperated have been highly praised by the end customers for many times, so the traders’ customers once again invited Xinyue to participate in the dome structure project (shown in the figure is the project reference diagram sent by the customer). This order has many types of specifications and tight delivery time. After the scheme study, Xinyue decided to conduct multiple inspections in batches, and the whole order was divided into several batches. After the production of each batch was completed, the inspection was arranged immediately, which effectively alleviated the tight delivery time. Although the time is urgent, Xinyue resolutely does not reduce the inspection standard. The quality inspection department works overtime to complete various inspection work, from the appearance inspection to the outer diameter wall thickness length, to the R angle measurement of the square tube, and so on. Every small detail is accurately measured, and all data are recorded, so as to show the most authentic inspection report to the customer. At present, the order has successfully arrived at the Haiphong port of Vietnam.


Post time: Jul-08-2022