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The expectation is stronger than the reality, and the steel market soared

This week, the domestic steel market rebounded across the board.
The black line is silianyang, and the varieties are slightly differentiated on Friday. The characteristics of this round are: large increase, roll stronger than screw, raw materials stronger than finished products, and event driving factors stronger than practical factors.
The high points of many varieties are approaching, reaching or even breaking through the phased high points since February 11. Among them, the high points of double focus have broken through the 2900 yuan and 3600 yuan mark one after another. The iron ore futures successfully stood at the 800 yuan mark, and the thread is only one step away from the 5000 yuan mark. The hot coil futures soared to the sky, and the early high points have been effectively broken through, with a cumulative amplitude of more than 600 yuan in the week!
On Friday, the rise continued to be weak, and the increase slowed down significantly. Most of them entered the horizontal trading stage. The thread futures repeatedly saw a wide range, and the increase of the hot roll was retrenched. At the end of the trading, it retreated to around 5200 yuan.
The spot market price surged and fell. Driven by the disk in the early stage, the market trading atmosphere was obviously active, with both terminal and speculative demand. In particular, the speculative performance was good, the terminal procurement was basically normal, and the business chasing up operation increased.
Near the weekend, the market turnover has weakened significantly. On the one hand, the price has been rising too fast, there is a wait-and-see mentality in the short-term market, the disk is weakening at the weekend, and the market is more cautious; On the other hand, the transaction was centrally released for two consecutive days, and the early locking resources were basically in place. At present, market transactions are mainly concentrated at low levels, and speculation and terminals are shrinking.

Post time: Mar-08-2022