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Fluid steel pipe

Compared with solid steel such as round steel, fluid steel pipe has the same flexural and torsional strength and light weight. It is an economic section steel. It is widely used to manufacture structural parts and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, automobile transmission shaft, bicycle frame and steel scaffold used in construction.

Manufacturing ring parts with steel pipes can improve material utilization, simplify manufacturing processes, and save materials and processing hours, such as rolling bearing rings, Jack sleeves, etc. at present, steel pipes have been widely used for manufacturing.

Seamless steel pipe for fluid transportation (GB / t8163-2008) is a general seamless steel pipe used to transport water, oil, gas and other fluids. Weight formula of fluid steel pipe: [(outer diameter wall thickness) * wall thickness] * 0.02466 = kg / M (weight per meter) it mainly produces representative grades of steel pipe 10#, 20#, Q345

Post time: Aug-25-2021